Commagreens- Summary

Dallas Commagreens wrote the article “National Epidemic: Teen Hearing Loss on the Rise” about the increase of teenage hearing loss. Dallas says that teens have hit an all time high for the number of teens experiencing hearing loss. Dallas says that some experts say that digital music players are the blame, but really everyone is blaming Apple Inc.

Dallas goes on to explain that Apple has technology covered; it’s always in the forefront of the technology world. Their products have become essential to many people, especially appealing to teenagers. Dallas goes on to say how secretive Apple is about their new extensions and that their madness has been revealed: instill a nation epidemic of hearing loss. Teenage hearing loss has increased from 15% to 19.5%.

Dallas calls Apple an “evil empire” and states that Apple is developing a new line of hearing and teaching tools, iBuds (Apple hearing aids) and iTutor (teaching aid) have been in development for years. But Dallas scoffs and says that these are in development because they are causing hearing loss problems.

6.5 million teenagers have developed some slight form of hearing loss. Most of these teenagers will miss consonant sounds. Apple is renewing their consumers. They see that 6.5 million individuals are going to need help hearing or paying attention in school. So this is a new route Apple can invest in. Researchers cannot single out the company, for the main cause of the hearing loss. Dallas ends with advice: “Beware of Apple.”


~ by Aimee on September 28, 2010.

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