Commagreens- Pathos

Dallas Commagreens wrote the article “National Epidemic: Teen Hearing Loss on the Rise” about the increase of teenage hearing loss. Dallas uses pathos to help force his point across. He starts by saying that one in five teenagers now has some form of hearing loss and states that technology is the reason. But Apple Inc is the one to blame.  Dallas states this so you know what is going to follow in his argument.

Dallas says that Apple’s products have spread like a viral-outbreak and that their products are now essential. Apple is also a super secretive and very protective company and they guard their extensions like children. Dallas says their method of madness is to instill a national epidemic of hearing loss.  This paragraph is supposed to point fingers at Apple and make the audience realize that Apple is one of the new age companies, and that teenagers are drawn them. Apple purposefully advertises to teenagers because teenagers live for the new technology. And by ending the paragraph with stating that Apple is instilling hearing loss is changes the pathos of the article from no emotion to blame and anger.

Dallas informs the reader that teenager hearing loss has grown from 15% to 19.5%. He moves on to call Apple an “evil empire” and that Apple realizes that they are creating this epidemic and instead of fixing their problem, they are going to invest in them. Two new products are under development for Apple: the iBud which are Apple’s hearing aid and the iTutor which is Apple’s teaching aid to help teenagers understand the words that they might not due to hearing loss. Dallas makes the comment to make more of an argument that is blaming Apple for the hearing loss. The pathos is more anger and the sure of slight logic in this paragraph will make the audience see the blame and anger in this section.  This leads into the final paragraph where Dallas says that Apple is renewing their consumer pool. That Apple is looking at the 6.5 million teenagers with hearing loss as potential buyers and they will bring in new revenue. This is the sentence that the pathos rings through, that Apple is just going to make consumers out of a problem they created. The blame is all stated right at this point.

However Dallas holds back and states that researcher’s cannot blame Apple directly, but leaves the advice “Beware of Apple!” By doing this, Dallas removes himself from the argument. He leaves the reader thinking, and either the reader will still blame Apple, therefore Dallas’s use of rhetoric is accomplished, or the reader will just not care about his argument anymore. If Dallas has made the reader feel any emotion from this piece his use of pathos has been successful.


~ by Aimee on September 28, 2010.

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